Commercial and Industrial Energy Solutions

Partnering to Improve Results for Your Business

Profit-Ability and XECO Energy have partnered to deliver electrical & RF engineering principles designed to:

  • Tune and balance the flow of current
  • Adjust harmonic distortions
  • Reduce heat on electrical lines
  • Improve electric motor efficiency
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Corporate Sustainability

The information generated from  XECO’s engineering and testing protocol provide clients with the type of information that will increase corporate profits, increase shareholder value, and meet the objectives of their corporate sustainability program.

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XECO offers the most compelling Electricity Management solution on the market. See how!

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XECO uses a comprehensive engineering methodology to determine the financial & operational benefits a client can expect from purchasing XECO Power Systems Electricity Management Solutions. Learn more!

Benefits of XECO Energy Assessment

  •  Customized Business Case ROI via the XECO comprehensive bill analytic report focused to reduce kWh, electricity costs, CO2 and EMF radiation
  • Proof of Technology via XECO’s engineering protocol to calculate and verify the effectiveness of our EMS technology resulting in  100% customer satisfaction to-date
  • Project Execution Master Timeline developed commensurate in collaboration with the client based on the project size, scope, resources, safety requirements, project permitting and effective capital funding strategies
  • Monthly Monitoring for On-Going Success –  via XECO’s  iCloud portal that provides each client with real-time access to the metering and performance to effectively monitor long-term sustainability
  • Customer Guarantee of Performance –  via XECO’s guarantee of a specific percentage reduction in the average kWh consumption as measured in 15-minute intervals for each facility during the monthly billing cycle. The verified reduction in the average kWh consumption is used to calculate the actual monthly and annual financial benefit.


  • XECO offers commercial electricity consumers a ‘no risk’ approach to saving money, improving operational efficiencies, and reducing carbon emissions on a predictable and sustained basis.

  • XECO’s engineering protocol offers clients a unique buying experience by generating evidence of sufficient financial benefit to create a compelling business case.

  • At no cost or obligation, XECO will perform an engineering assessment of each client facility and publish an analytic report specifying the projected monthly financial savings, the one-time project costs, the ROI period, and the annual reduction of CO2 emissions for the facility in metric tons.

  • Yes. Once the projected business case has been calculated a facility ‘walk-thru’ is conducted to complete the project plan. XECO’s solution includes a ‘real-time’ metering and monitoring capability for immediate post-installation performance verification and on-going performance reporting.

  • XECO’s technology is a unique combination of electrical engineering and RF engineering principals that are designed to improve the efficiency levels of electricity consumption on a facility-wide basis by balancing the flow of current throughout a facility’s electrical network using a 50/60 hertz tuning process.

  • There is an immediate and measurable reduction in kVAR and harmonic distortion levels with a corresponding improvement in the facility’s power factor level. There is also a sustained reduction in total AMP loads and kVA demand (both peak and off-peak) and a reduction in kilowatt-hour consumption for all inductive loads, as well as a reduction of the heat in the equipment and electrical transformers.

  • No, just the opposite. Due to the improvement in power quality conditions created by the installation of XECO’s solution the operational characteristics of inductive loads will improve.

  • Yes, XECO has installed over 3,500 units in a wide variety of client environments in North America. Discussions with installed clients or visits to client sites can be arranged upon request. 

  • XECO is a fully integrated engineering and manufacturing company. All products are designed, tested and manufactured exclusively by XECO.