Delivering Clean Power

Energy Optimization

Energy optimization is one area where significant hidden potential can reside and often represents low hanging fruit in terms of increased profitability.  Opportunities to enhance efficiency, avoid waste, and increase equipment longevity are accessed by utilization of clean power.  Leveraging these opportunities requires a no-risk approach to power delivery.

Our approach combines Profit-Ability’s cutting-edge business and asset management solutions with XECO’S advanced electrical and RF engineering methodology and results in the maximization of measurable and sustainable profitability for your business.  This patented and proprietary technology improves the resistance levels (impedance) of any 3-phase electric power source and any 3-phase electric power load while tuning the 60-hertz frequency to substantially reduce harmonic distortion in any facility. 

This improvement in the resistance levels on 3-phase power lines results in an optimization of the current flow under strict load conditions.

In simple terms, this technology reduces reactive power levels, reduces kVA consumption and increases the efficient use of electricity – resulting in a measurable lowering of the overall demand for electricity and increased operational efficiencies of all inductive loads. As a result, commercial and industrial users benefit from the extended useful life of the inductive equipment used to operate their businesses.


The benefits include:

  • reduced kWh consumption resulting in lower electricity costs
  • increased operational efficiencies resulting in increased profits
  • reduced CO2 emissions resulting in cleaner, environmental power
  • improved capital productivity resulting in effective project expenditure planning
  • reduced EMF radiation resulting in improved safety for human health
  • improved maintenance resulting in improved equipment reliability
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What would the improvement in operating life mean to a medium size business? Consider the costs incurred when productivity is lost due to equipment failure.  Imagine a company with a factory of 120 people, whose average annual revenue per employee was $110K per annum. A motor failure that shuts down the entire production line for a single shift would cost $60K in lost productivity, assuming a 220‐day work year.  In complex industrial facilities, the costs incurred could be significantly higher.  Simply extending the life of the motor in question eliminates these risks.  When the other benefits, such as reduced kWh consumption and reduced EMF radiation are considered, the benefits are quite significant.

Our solution extends the useful life of inductive equipment AC induction electrical devices that are ubiquitous in factories, offices and retail space. These devices consume more than 50% of the energy used in industry and commerce. The environmental impact of our work should not be overlooked. Another non‐obvious benefit of reducing the operating temperatures of devices attached to XECO’s equipment is the reduction to the air‐conditioning (AC) load for the facility.  The energy savings snowball when considering the lower power requirements needed to meet cooling objectives.  These devices run air conditioners, elevators and escalators, chillers and air handlers, conveyors and a wide variety of other commercial and industrial applications. The overall impact on a facility can be quite significant.

XECO Technology Results

The XECO technology has been successfully installed to:

  • balance current and perform power conditioning for inductive motors
  • reduce reactive power in induction motors from the power distribution network by >10%
  • reduce induction motor operating temperature to will extend the average operating life by 8% for each Celsius degree heat reduction, predictably resulting in a reduction in maintenance and repair costs
  • incorporate 60-hertz notch frequency tuning to improve the current flow
    • improvement in total harmonic distortion (THD)
    • power factor improvement measurements
  • guarantee the results and produce financial performance verification every month following the initial installation

We know that the key to success in these efforts for any organization is recognizing and accepting these opportunities to become more effective and engaging in initiatives to bring enhanced energy optimization to daily operations. We align with clients in their efforts to continuously lead and learn and partner with them in achieving the long-term sustainable profitability required for their stakeholders.

Energy optimization is just one area of expertise available from the team at  Profit-Ability, LLC.  We are passionate about helping you identify sustainable solutions to help you better utilize precious resources and Get Your Profits Back on Track.

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